Collaborating with The Canberra Raiders, Underground Spririts have crafted an anniversary gin, Raiders Spirit, to celebrate and commemorate the Canberra Raiders’ 40 year anniversary in 2022.

Best served with ice, tonic and a squeeze of fresh lime in the company of friends, family and team mates.

Distilled in Canberra and proudly Australian, our premium vodkas and gins have been recognised as outstanding, collecting several major awards around the world.

Raiders Gin ingredients:

  • Dooja Lime: citrus australis
  • Desert Lime: citrus glauca
  • Finger Lime: citrus australasica
  • Canberra Bells: correa, native fuschia
  • Strawberry Gum: eucalyptus olida
  • River Mint: mentha australis
  • Juniper
  • Coriander
  • Angelica
Each $100.00
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This gin offers delicate bright lime leading into aromatic fields of eucalypts and a refined, sweet, earthy flavour. A layer of sherbet too, with a smooth and balanced finish.
Varietal Composition: