Morris Classic Liqueur Tokay 500ml
Morris Tokay grapes are selected for harvesting usually between 15° to 16° baumé, crushed and allowed to start fermentation. Once the desired baumé level is reached, pressing occurs, then a high strength neutral spirit is added to arrest the fermentation. The wine is then pumped into casks for the maturation process to occur. When the blending occurs, a selection of wines from different vintages is chosen, each contributing special characteristics to make a wine with complexity of age, youthfulness, freshness of flavour and consistency of style.
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Dessert & Cheeses
Matured in large oak casks ranging in size from 1,500 to 4,500 litres until blending...
A concentrated nose showing great depth of malty Tokay character.
The palate is complex, intense and luscious, combined with freshness.
Varietal Composition: