Mcwilliams Show Reserve Grand Liqueur Muscat 500ml
With over 125 years’ and six generations of winemaking experience, McWilliam’s Wines consistently produce high quality fortified wines for outstanding value. As a family owned wine company and with this wealth of experience, McWilliam’s affords its wines time to cellar and releases them only when they have reached optimum maturity. Here is time's reward - This limited release Grand Liqueur Muscat, one of Australia's most awarded wines with 14 Trophies,54 Gold medals, 27 Silver & 18 Bronze so far The grapes were harvested in May at no less than 18 Baume. The juice was fermented on skins to extract colour and fine tannins. During the ferment Neutral SVR was added partially fortifying the juice to aid in greater flavour integration and complexity. After being allowed to ferment only 1 baume of sugar, fortification took place on skins. The wine was then drained off skins and the remaining fruit gently pressed to extract the remaining wine. The wine was then adjusted to 18.5 % v/v alcohol. Once the wine was fortified it was placed in large old casks to mature. Over the years as the wine ages in oak, evaporation occurs concentrating the flavours and increasing the complexity. The ageing in large oak casks creates incredible concentration and aroma only present in premium aged muscats. To produce a premium Muscat requires great patience and many various components. These blend components are a mixture of the large casks from medium-age to oldest Muscat’s with a very small proportion 1 year old Muscat to aid in complexity and varietal intensity. The wine is then blended and stored in a stainless steel tank until required for bottling.
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Additional details
This wine will cellar for many years to come and is best consumed within 10 years to retain its freshness.
Cheese, Dessert.
Large oak casks
Rich deep brown tawny with a khaki rim Fresh lifted Muscat fruit aromas with Christmas cake and raisins combined with some intense rancio wood aged characters.
Rich and very smooth Frontignac flavours with some concentrated raisin and fruit mince tart characters. Extremely luscious with a long lingering finish.
Varietal Composition: