Dodd's Kew Organic Gin 700ml
46% ABV. Founded in 1759, today the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew, London, is home to the largest collection of rare and treasured plants in the world. It's from this Unesco Heritage Site that the team behind Dodd's gin have been working with Kew's dedicated botanists and archivists to create this unique, limited edition spirit. Crafted using handpicked seasonal flora and the finest organic botanicals from around the world (inc. cotton lavender, galangal, passion flower and lavender flower). Kew is a marriage of four separate distillations and weighs in at 87% juniper compared to Dodd's 97%. At a glance: - Kew Organic Gin is a unique collaboration between Dodd's Gin and the Royal Botanic - Seasonal harvested flora from the garden is first hand selected and transported to the distillery near Tower Bridge, just minutes for the City of London, before being distilled in Dodd's 140 litre copper alembic, Cristina. - Compared to Dodd's 97%, Kew's Juniper count weighs in at just under 86% on the botanical bill. - Kew is bottled at 46% ABV (compared with Dodd's 49.9%). - Two types of organic Juniper are used (Bulgarian and Tuscan). - Five types of citrus - lemon, lime, pink grapefruit peel, orange peel and bergamot peel. - From Kew Gardens, a range of botanicals have been foraged for this edition including santolina, rosemary, lavender flower, galangal and passion flower. The Dodd's team will have access to an even greater selection of botanics in the coming months and years with the future establishment - Kew Organic gin is crafted from four individual distillations, grouped according to botanical character, which are married together to create this quintessential London gin.
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Kew opens with sweet mint and citrus notes complexed with delicate fresh coriander and piney, resinous juniper.
Then the palate offers a textural, deep yet vibrant persona, intensely spicy, with candied citrus, bright cucumber and green grape freshness as well as intense floral notes. It finishes refreshing and long with grapefruit peel and aniseed sweet herbs lingering. Just a wonderfully complex, classy spirit with great finesse, yet genuine depth and length.
Varietal Composition: