This wine is a tour de force in rosé wine making - it just makes perfect sense. They only use a base wine that's at least 7-8 years old, in this case, they have used 80% of the 2008 vintage with the remainder being reserved wine with an average age of 5 years.
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A sophisticated powdery pink robe with luminous glints of wild rose. Delicate, vivacious bubbles are the result of an ageing period or 36 months. A base of 20% of reserve wines, white and red, give this rose blend a subtle, yet complex nose. The initial fragrances from the 5-6% of elegant red wines are redolent of home-made strawberry jam mixed with the fruitiness of blood peach. A meticulous selection of crus gives the Charles Heidsieck Rose Reserve the rich warm notes of gingerbread and cinnamon.
The deep powerful mouthfeel - the result of ageing in thousand-year old cellars - offers a burst of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry nestled in velvety whipped cream.
Varietal Composition:
40% Pinot Noir, 35% Chardonnay and 25% Pinot Meunier