Catena Zapata Catena Malbec 2018
The Catena family has conducted extensive research into the soils and micro-climates of Mendoza's high altitude wine country in the foothills of the Andes mountains. At different altitudes, the family’s Malbec vineyards express a unique profile of aromas and flavors: the ripe plum fruit flavors and silky texture of the Angelica vineyard (3018 ft elevation); the dark fruit character and pepper notes of the La Pirámide vineyard (3117 ft elevation); the black cherry aromas and excellent structure of the Altamira in La Consulta vineyard (3593 ft elevation); the explosive floral aromatics full, concentrated mouth-feel of the Adrianna vineyard (4757 ft). The blend of these components creates a wine of unique character that has balance, concentration and a strong varietal identity.
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Enjoy now or 2 to 3 Years
Roast breast of turkey with apple-currant stuffing
12-14 months in barrel.
Ripe plum fruit flavors and silky texture.
Dark fruit character, dense mid-palate and pepper notes. Black cherry aromas and excellent structure. Explosive floral aromatics and full, concentrated mouthfeel.
Varietal Composition: