Canberra distillery are a small batch distillery and unconstrained by the need to produce volume and can focus on quality. Many modern distillery’s purchase ethanol from industrial facilities and re-distil it to add a flavour. The Canberra Distillery starts with just the raw ingredients: water, yeast and energy (grain, potato, fruit or sugar).
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Making Gin is equal parts science and art. Making good gin combines the science of producing a tight-cut neutral spirit for a smooth palate with balancing botanical infusion. Much trial and error in the still brought exhilaration when I opened the distillery door at dawn to be bathed in the perfect balance of gin vapours.
This classic London dry-style gin is vapour-infused at low temperature to preserve the subtle flavours of the hand-peeled fresh citrus and berries. It can be enjoyed year-round on ice, or with tonic.
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