Campo Viejo a cutting-edge winery immersed in the new culture of wine. The recovery of traditional processes - such as the use of gravity to move the grapes and the winery's underground constructionis indicative of intelligence at the service of final outcomes.

Possibly one of the best wineries in the world, it is located at the heart of La Rioja, in an area that is ideally suited for growing grapes and making and ageing wine. 

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Campo Viejo Cava is fruit filled with a bright, exuberant mouthfeel and a crisp freshness on the palate.
Their Cava is made in what as recognized as the most high-quality sparkling wine process. This creates greater complexity within the wine as well as a finer, more effervescent bubble structure. This wine will add a colorful sparkle to complement any occasion.
Varietal Composition:
Parellada, Xarello, Macabeo.