Bortolotti Valdobbiadene Prosecco Extra Dry
The hills of this lovely town has always offered the scenario of the rows and the rites of its cultivation. The gestures, the story, the frequency of this work, they have become tradition and culture to the people. The favorable climate and soil have given their work to the quality of the grapes. At a time when the genuine goodness of the wine and the old industry has joined the commercial initiative, the phenomenon of "Prosecco" has become a definite reality in the context of Italian wine.
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Apéritif style or Oysters
Very fine and persistent bead. Delicate aromas of grapefruit, brioche, toast and citrus.
Delicate flavours of lemon, biscuit and light toast, Clean, crisp, very dry finish with aftertaste of citrus, biscuit and cashew.
Varietal Composition: