Baumann TeufelsKrauter Devils Herb Liqueur 500mL

The damned good fire liqueur!

17 hellishly good herbs are the secret of this Baumann fire liqueur called TeufelsKräuter (German for Devil's Herbs): zedoary, burnet and centaury and a few other good herbs…

TeufelsKräuter Fire Ritual

Try an original Tyrolean fire ritual – you guests will be impressed! This is how it works: fill fireproof schnapps glasses full to the brim with TeufelsKräuter fire liqueur and light with a match.

How to determine the strength – original alcohol by volume: 50%

  • 3 minutes fire in the glass, abv: 45%

  • 5 minutes fire in the glass, abv: 42%

  • 10 minutes fire in the glass, abv: 33%

Blow out the flame and let the glass cool down. Devilishly good and great fun!

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