The Geelong wine region (located less than an hour from Melbourne) has a history of vineyards dating back two centuries, when Swiss settlers planted the first vines in the early 1800s. The area rapidly became the largest grape-growing region in Victoria, and one of the largest in Australia. The Austins & Co. vineyard is located in Geelong’s Moorabool Valley sub-region, nestled between Geelong and Ballarat. Moorabool Valley is steeped in history – some 20,000 years ago it sat on the bottom of the sea only to be reclaimed as land by millennia of volcanic activity. The legacy is the tough limestone and basalt base which forms this sub-region’s unique terroir.
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This dry sparkling is a great aperiti
This is a beautifully smooth and well balanced dry Italian style of sparkling wine with crisp and clean notes of pear, honey and citrusy lemon curd.
This gives it a smooth sherbet mouth feel that is a delight to drink.
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