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Rosemount - Diamond Label Sauvignon Blanc

Only $11.03 a bottle

A refreshing and enticing Sauvignon Blanc from of Australia's favourite wine producers. Buy online or in store.

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Penfolds Grange - 1965

Only $1,400.00 a bottle

The 1965 Grange won the coveted Jimmy Watson Trophy, awarded to the best one-year-old red at the Melbourne Wine Show, in 1966. This particular vintage is becoming increasingly rare. This Bottle...

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About Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy is one of the A.C.T.'s largest family-owned and run liquor retailers. We pride ourselves on providing the level of informed and personal service one would expect in a boutique liquor store whilst at the same time offering the convenience, range and pricing of a big-box retailer. We believe that often the enjoyment of a wine goes well beyond purely the sensory characteristics of the wine itself with factors such the situation and environment in which it is drunk all having a part to play. A high score in a formal tasting offers no guarantee that a wine will pair well with a particular dish or be the best choice for your special occasion. Experience is key and at Jim Murphy's we sell wine because we love wine. So whether you're looking for a nice bottle of red to have with a pizza whilst watching the footy, an indulgent bottle of Champagne to celebrate your 20th Wedding Anniversary or the perfect single-malt scotch for your grandfather's birthday - we at Jim Murphy's can help you choose something to suit your tastes and budget. So come in and see us at either our Fyshwick or Airport stores, give us a call on 1300 033 618 or have a browse through our extensive on-line range.

Enjoy the good times!